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+ Comments Windmill - 2006-01-16 09:00:59
The weekend trip to Amsterdam was great. Highlights include a 4 hour bike-ride around the city and nearby country where I saw the windmill (and no, we didn't quite make it into Belgium!) and exploring the Van Gogh museum. Obviously there are always more stories to tell, but I'll focus on the photos and such for now :-) Amsterdam was founded as a fishing village in the 13th century on the Amstel (like the beer) river. Once that was dammed up, put the words together, replace the 'l' with an 'r' and there you have it: Amsterdam. It's also known as the Venice of the north because of all its canals, and it has some great museums that tourists love to endure. In any case, I highly recommend the bike tour -- Mike's Bike Tour -- to see some cool sites, learn some history and and appreciate a city as one of the 600,000 bikes.