A New Dance
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+ Comments A New Dance - 2005-09-14 09:00:00
On our way to the Masai Mara, we stopped by the Masai village and learned about the history and culture of the Masai: one of the very few tribes of eastern Africa that has maintained its roots and resisted Western culture. Sure, it was $15 to get in, but the money funds their community and aids with food and education. Plus, we were encouraged to take lots of pictures and learn about a whole new perspective. For several centuries, Masai warriors had dominated much of eastern Africa by force of arms. Masai men may have more than one wife, and Masai women build their houses out of sticks and grass, then cover it with a mixture of cow dung and mud. As you will notice from the photo, women and children keep their heads shaved while the morani (older male warriors) wear their hair in long braids dyed with red clay. The Masai eat custard made from the blood of their cattle. The blood is mixed with milk and curdled to make the custard. We were offered some of this, but politely refused. As much as I wanted to drink curdled blood milk, I resisted with all my might. All that being said, the Masai enjoy their way of life. They are quite happy living where they do, and the youth are gaining education about technological advances in agriculture and modern healthcare/sanitation that they teach to the rest of the society. A young man with flawless English explained this to us, and even took our picture quite easily in their completely black hut -- I doubt I could have even blindly worked my camera!