Mara River
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+ Comments Mara River - 2005-10-03 09:00:00
Normally I do a bit more research across a few sources and try to describe what the picture is showing, but this weekend I'm in Ireland so I don't have the luxery of time at the moment (it's amazing I still got these posts up in advance!).
The Mara River is an international river, shared between Kenya and Tanzania. The size of the Mara River Basin is about 13,750 km2, of which about 65% is located in Kenya and 35% in Tanzania. The Mara River runs through the Masai Mara Game Reserve on the Kenyan side and the Serengeti National Park on the Tanzanian side, both of global conservation significance and of great economic importance to the local communities as well as the two nations, Kenya and Tanzania. It powers its water into Lake Victoria, the source of the Nile, basin of international importance.
Source: Mara River Basin Management Initiative