The Mist
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+ Comments The Mist - 2005-11-24 09:00:00
The waterfall in the park was so relaxing and gave me a chance to experiment with slower shutter speeds. Albeit cheesy, slowing down the shutter speed reminds me of Cubism in its attempt to capture multiple dimensions (4D really since it's through time) in a 2D world.
There seemed to be a lot of fascination with the fourth dimension early in this century, but it meant different things to different people: Time is often considered the fourth dimension in the space-time continuum with three space dimensions and one time dimension. Color has been described as a dimension. For some artists the fourth dimension appears to have been a metaphor for liberation from the conventions of linear perspective. To some philosophers it was a physical reality to which we have limited access. To many mathematicians, the fourth dimension simply means an abstract space described in terms of four mutually perpendicular axes. - Source Geometry in Art & Architecture