The Water Hole
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+ Comments The Water Hole - 2005-09-08 09:00:00
One of the first wildlife animals I saw on the safari was this zebra (well, assuming you don't consider a donkey wildlife). I did a bit of post-processing on this photo to clean up the grass and really pull out the black and white stripes. It's a little dark on my Mac monitor, but I think it'll look all right on a PC and for prints -- isn't it annoying how colors are displayed differently on all the different systems? Anyway -- to focus on the wildlife -- I liked this shot since it also draws focus to the importance of water in these parks. Unfortunately, recent deforestation is a major factor in causing these lakes to slowly dry up due to reduced rainfall and increasing temperatures. There are ongoing conservation efforts which seem to be moving in the right direction, however it will not be an easy road to recovery.