Golden Dome
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+ Comments Golden Dome - 2005-12-13 09:00:00
First of all, I really like this picture because I got yelled at after taking it. There was a sign that mentioned photos weren't allowed, but I didn't have my flash on so I figured I'd be OK. The guard didn't seem to agree with me and pointed to all the 'big brother' cameras looking down at me; I quickly got his point and put my camera away. That being said, I'm glad I got this shot. The Basilica di San Marco (Church of St. Mark), was built in the eighth century for the Doge (ruler of Venice) and was his private chapel. There are over 2 square kilometers of mosaics inside, containing gold, bronze, and other precious stones. The original church had been Romanesque and built in the 9th century as a shrine for Saint Mark, but it was destroyed in a fire 967. Byzantine architects then reconstruction the church with the main core being completed c.1071. In the 12th and following centuries through alterations and elaborate adornments it became a splendid Byzantine monument. In the 14th cent. the facade received Gothic additions. The present structure gives us this mixture between Byzantine and Gothic.