Royal Flooding
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+ Comments Royal Flooding - 2005-12-14 09:00:00
Venice is regularly swamped by high tides and floods, which struck again on our first day there. Here's a shot of St. Mark's Square, the lowest point in Venice. This is the outside of yesterday's photo, the Basilica di San Marco (Church of St. Mark). We bought rubber boots and had plastic 'waders', but the water actually went over both of them as I shuffled out in thigh-high water to capture the scene. So basically I was standing on a table in a flooded square and had to deal with wet socks all day. squish. "In 1966, when the city was hit by the most serious flooding in its history, the water rose 1.8 metres. Some scientists fear that sea levels will rise by over 18 inches this century, which could prove catastrophic. Others believe that in 50 years' time there could be daily flooding in some areas." -BBC News, 2002